Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The La La Song

Charlene has the opening tomorrow for her, and two other Taiwanese friend's Paris Art Show: Metamorphosis of Time.

— Le temps du corps — 40 par Charlene Shih
— Le temps de l’imprimerie — Dialogue remixé de style FF par Li-Ming Cheng
— Le temps de la lumièreLa lumière dépasse le temps No°2 par Chi-Yang Chiang

Part of her show is a short documentary film about women artists, and the challenges facing them as they get older. She asked me to write something that:  sounds like a French circus, that is both happy and kind of sad, that uses an accordion with women singing, but not words, just the sound "la, la, la, la".

And so, became the "La La Song".

NOTE: This is just a video that I made for the song, it has nothing to do with Charlene's film. I just took a few promo pictures for the show, and edited them to the song.

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