Friday, December 10, 2010

New favorite TV show

I've been traveling to China for many years for my past job, so I saw this cartoon many years ago and liked it right away. If anyone has traveled to China, Taiwan or Hong Kong you will have seen these pictures on backpacks, notebooks, name it; it's on there if it's a kid's product. It is the #1 cartoon in China and is extremely popular in other Chinese speaking countries. I don't think it has been translated into any other languages, but it should be.

WTF am I talking about? 喜羊羊与灰太狼 or roughly translated into English: Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf (or more accurately Happy Sheep and Grey Wolf). Why is the show so awesome? Like a great pop song by the Beatles or Elton John, creating something simple and great is very difficult, but I think they do it so well in this cartoon series (there are over 500 episodes). Great simple writing, music, voices, animation, directing, humor...pretty much everything is there. I can only understand maybe 25% of what they are saying on a good day, but I never miss a chance to watch this show. Luckily they show it on the MoMo children's channel at least three times a day. This is what I watch every morning at 7:00am while I do my exercises, and usually again at 5:00pm when I'm doing my Chinese homework.

If liking Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf  is wrong (especially for a 40 year old man), then I don't want to be right.