Friday, November 12, 2010

Hooters in Taiwan

About a month ago, I was walking from the subway exit and someone on a bicycle called me over and gave me a business card. He said (in half-English and half-Chinese) "this is my restaurant" and showed me on the back of the card, a map. I knew exactly where it was, because it was right behind a major hotel in Taipei that is a block from Charlene's parent's home. I said, "Ok, thanks." Later I looked at the card and it was called Big Bucks and served American style hamburgers and beer. And I kid you not, the bottom of this professionally produced business card said "Fuck fear, drink beer!"...classy!!!

So after class today, I finished my test and did probably average. Today is actually the halfway point of the semester, I just got over some mild cold that is going around, and I decided to go try out Big Bucks because I had a craving for an American hamburger. After walking awhile, I got there and saw that the prices were a little too expensive and really it wasn't what I was expecting, so I left.

I pass Taipei's Hooters everyday after I get off of the subway coming home from classes, so I thought I could at least get a good lunch deal there and eat an "American" hamburger.

I walk into Hooters and notice they are showing an EPL soccer match between Manchester United and Manchester City...ok, I'm sold. It doesn't matter what happens, I'm eating here. So I get the menu and ask about the "hamburger special" I saw posted outside. Apparently they were sold out (FFS I just want a god damn hamburger, is that too much to ask for?).

Here is the dialogue:

Jim: 我要一個漢堡薯條跟可樂
Hooters Waitress:  對不起今天沒有漢堡
Jim: 什麼?
Hooters Waitress: 今天沒有漢堡, 太多人想要了
Jim: You don't have any hamburgers???
Hooters Waitress: No.
Hooters Waitress: 你說的中文很好!
Jim: 謝謝.
Hooters Waitress: (pointing to the menu) 這個很好吃.

Basic Translation: I wanted a hamburger, they were out, she said my Chinese was good, she suggested a pork sandwich instead, I said OK.

Much like a Playboy subscription, I only go to Hooters for the articles and blog reports err...I mean the food. The food was average, but wasn't expensive for a lunch meal: soda, soup, pork sandwich, fries and a dessert (something like ice cream) for $8 US. I got to watch the entire second half or the Man U vs Man City soccer game with my own private HDTV, so I was happy.

Friendly service, nice ambiance, good prices...what's not to like?

As for my Chinese class, my Midterm Exam is in 7 days....and I'm so screwed, it is not going to be easy. A different teacher from the school will give us the Midterm Exam. There are 4 parts: writing answers to questions in Chinese, reading Chinese orally, answering questions orally in Chinese, and describing pictures orally in Chinese.

I have a hell of a lot of catching up to do.