Sunday, January 9, 2011

Images in Taiwan

Charlene recently purchased a Canon EOS 550D camera. I'd never done any kind of photography before, but I figured I would give it a shot and see what happens. Here are 32 photos I took in Taipei, Taiwan. I created a video slide show and set it to the song "Rain" from my 2008 acoustic guitar CD "Acquiescence".  I was going to overdub some more tracks to the music, but somehow the simple one track guitar worked the best with the black and white photos.

I'll probably try to follow up this sequence, with a new set "Images in Paris" or something like that. In three weeks we're flying to Paris for six months...time certainly flies.


  1. Nicely done. A bit of an eerie quality with all the city shots and no people. I just bought the same camera. Did you shoot the photos in the B&W mode or did you convert to b&w in photoshop?

  2. I did it in color (the "No Flash" setting on the knob) and then used the program FastStone Image viewer to convert to B&W and then adjusted the brightness and contrast (much easier than Photoshop - and free). I still don't know how to really use the camera, I just found a setting that worked ok, and dove on in. Thanks for the feedback!


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