Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Well it's not the "traditional" Thanksgiving dinner, but at least it was American food...

Thanksgiving dinner two years ago in Taiwan was somewhat expensive and rather disappointing. So due to busy schedules and classes (today Charlene started taking evening French classes; I'm teaching myself French from my Fluenz French DVD's) we decided to save our time and money and just get a turkey sandwich from Subway for Thanksgiving dinner. The McDonalds' fries were a nice surprise, but my stomach is feeling kind of strange as I type this, so it probably wasn't the best combo. I guess there is a reason why it is turkey and mashed potatoes and not turkey and french fries.

It would certainly be nice to be back in the USA with family and friends and celebrate Thanksgiving and enjoy a "real" Thanksgiving dinner, but I guess you can't have everything when you choose to move to the other side of the world and do your own thing. It sounds like a cliche, but when you're away from family and friends on a holiday, you realize that it is just that, family and friends that make the holiday and not the other way around. So if you're reading this, please eat a large helping of turkey and mashed potatoes for me, thanks!

As far as my Midterm Exam, I did much better than I expected. I got a total grade of 77%. On the spoken/reading portion of the exam (25% of the final grade) I did pretty well with a score of 88%. On the listening/grammar portion of the test I ended up getting a 73% (75% of the final grade). So combining those two scores gave me a final grade of 77%.

My Final Exam is in three weeks. I'm learning about 30 new Chinese characters a week, as well as new grammar lessons, but I feel like my spoken Chinese has gotten much worse from lack of practice. After this class is completed, I'm going to find some interesting way to go out there and actually force myself to speak Chinese a few hours every day. I haven't decided exactly how I'm going to do that, but I have a few ideas. That will give me about a month to practice speaking Chinese before moving to Paris...and then I'll start the whole process over again with French.


  1. Regarding finding an interesting way to speak Chinese a few hours a day: I think striking up a conversation with the "slapping leg guy" on the meaning of life should do the trick.

  2. Remember our sad little Turkey Day at Shoney's in St. Louis? I've never missed a family Thanksgiving since. Love your picture of Subway, cokes, McD's fries and Charlie Brown! Fabulous homage to the good ol' USA! Congrats on your passing the Chinese test from hell, and for writing this great blog. Love to you and Charlene.

  3. Congratulations on your test results.

    The Charlie Brown Thanksgiving photo is my favorite item on the table. I still watch it every year.

    Wearing your pirate outfit (not on halloween) might be a good way to instigate interesting conversation. Or maybe some kind of pirate santa claus costume.


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